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Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste

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Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste

Hear from the changemakers in the resources and waste management industry leading the way to net zero via innovation, technology, skills, policy, and collaboration.

About the series

A Pivotal Moment

This is a pivotal moment for the sector; a time for waste management professionals to accelerate progress in order to protect our environment and resources for future generations. In response, the industry is driving change through innovation, collaboration, policy, and new technologies; working with producers and manufacturers to design out waste and nurture green material chains.

But urgent progress is still needed to keep pace with the change necessary to meet net zero targets, and more must be done to upskill and recruit the future workforce, foster multidisciplinary working and establish a consistent regulatory framework.

Through interviews, podcasts, films, articles and a documentary, ‘Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste’ will shine a light on the waste management community, exploring progress in areas such as waste reduction and reuse, EPR, consistent collections, sustainable packaging design, technology, decarbonisation, research and innovation, and skills and training.

Series Case Studies

Reducing Emissions in the waste sector

Career opportunities in the circular economy

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