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Robotics and AI Innovation

How Recycleye are using AI to deliver sustainable and efficient technology-driven recycling solutions

About the film

Harnessing robotics and adopting new AI technologies in the recycling process is key to increasing efficiency and reducing costs across the resources and waste management industry.

Panda’s mixed dry recycling facility in Dublin repurposes and remanufactures recycling from around 400,000 homes across the region into key products. Faced with labour shortages and increasing costs, Panda have turned to Recycleye for a more sustainable, technology-based solution.

Recycleye uses an innovative AI powered vision system to categorise waste, which is then sorted by a robotic arm. Using this technology 100% of the waste is scanned for quality assurance, increasing the purity of the material being collected, enabling the collation of multiple data streams, and providing invaluable data for future planning and forecasting.

About Recycleye

Recycleye is a ground-breaking technology company bringing advanced machine learning, computer vision and robotics to the global waste management industry.

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