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Hazardous Waste: Responsible Disposal

How Augean is managing hazardous and hard to handle waste in an environmentally responsible, sustainable way.

About the Film

Hazardous and hard to handle waste has to be managed in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. As new waste streams arise from renewable energy sources, the need for safe and secure waste disposal is greater than ever.

At Augean’s East Northants Resource Management Facility, all consignments undergo rigorous composition and contamination testing, and ongoing monitoring to ensure that hazardous waste is handled and stored correctly.

Augean’s approach to waste and resources management gives their customers across industries such as construction, demolition, and decommissioning peace of mind, knowing that their waste is managed in a safe, secure and regulated manner. They are a leading example of how waste disposal can be done with the environment and sustainability in mind.

About the film partner


Augean specialises in managing hard to handle wastes, with UK waste treatment and disposal infrastructure focussing on delivering best environmental outcomes.

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