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Smart and Intuitive Waste Trading

How Xworks Tech is connecting waste traders with an online platform for greater sustainability and transparency.

About the Film

With the upcoming introduction of UK and EU legislation to digitally track waste, including end of life, the need for transparency within the resources and waste management sector is critical.

Xworks Tech’s online trading platform for waste and secondary raw commodities provides businesses with the tools to make date driven decisions that promote sustainability and reduce waste in the environment.

Using real-time tracking and AI materials identification, the platform is an industry-developed solution that is transparent, easy to use, and end-to-end compliant.

By connecting people within the waste management industry, promoting the seamless movement of waste and recovery of materials, and providing real-time tracking, Xworks Tech is driving the change in waste management towards greater sustainability by creating greater transparency within the sector.

About the film partner

Xworks Tech

Xworks Tech is an end-to-end data platform that facilitates trading that’s compliant with the latest mandatory UK and EU regulations; digital tracking and product passports for waste and post consumer commodities.

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A wide-ranging digital series exploring the resources and waste sector’s role as a vital change agent for the transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient, circular economy. This is a pivotal moment for the sector; a time for waste management professionals to accelerate progress in order to protect our environment and resources for future generations.