Series partners – SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

Innovation Through Collaboration

How SUEZ recycling and recovery UK is using collaboration across industry to advance circularity for the environmental transition.

About the film

Collaboration across industry is essential to accelerate our journey towards greater sustainability.

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK is advancing the development of circularity, and supporting the environmental transition of towns, cities, and industrial operators through its involvement with projects like the FlexCollect project.

Focused on collecting and recycling flexible plastics from household waste, the FlexCollect project is a leading example of collaboration across the full value chain, from brands through to local authorities to industry partners. Working together, key players are sharing knowledge and learnings to increase recycling and enhance sustainability.

For SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, business success goes beyond profit to include its environmental and societal contribution. By implementing innovative solutions and new models they are driving circularity and sustainability within the resources and waste management sector.

About SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK is a leading provider of environmental services pioneering sustainable solutions and innovative technologies for the circular economy.

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A wide-ranging digital series exploring the resources and waste sector’s role as a vital change agent for the transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient, circular economy. This is a pivotal moment for the sector; a time for waste management professionals to accelerate progress in order to protect our environment and resources for future generations.