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Making Nuclear Waste Safe

How Nuclear Waste Services are using innovation and collaboration to make nuclear waste permanently safe, sooner.

About the Film

With new nuclear plants seen as essential to the UK’s green energy mix, innovative nuclear waste management methods are needed to ensure nuclear waste is managed safely and securely.

The ‘one stop shop’ for nuclear waste, Nuclear Waste Services, is advancing greater efficiency and sustainability through their approach to the waste hierarchy for nuclear waste management. Working with Tradebe, NWS has developed a process where desiccant ash is turned into inert waste bringing it to final disposal sooner.

By fostering forward thinking, collaboration and innovation between organisations across the sector, nuclear waste is being made permanently safe, sooner.

About the film partner

Nuclear Waste Serices

Nuclear Waste Services brings together the UK’s leading nuclear waste management capabilities, safely and securely managing the UK’s radioactive waste for generations to come.

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